The largest transportation infrastructure project in Saskatchewan’s history.

In 2015, RECo Canada was awarded the MSE wall design and supply portion of the Regina Bypass project for the Province of Saskatchewan. Slated to be complete in 2019 and billed at approximately $1.88 billion, the Regina Bypass is the largest transportation infrastructure project in the province’s history.

With 61 km of new highway being built in the City of Regina, the project was divided into three areas. The project commenced in early 2015. Area 3 (Phase 1) to the east of the city and connecting to the existing Trans Canada Highway was completed and opened to the public late 2017. The other Areas 1 & 2 (Phase 2) are in their final stages of construction and are scheduled to open to the public in late 2019.

The project provided numerous challenges throughout the design, production and construction phases, including constraints due to certain specifications required for the project such as cold weather and harsh environmental factors. The City of Regina is commonly known and characterized by very soft clays, known as “Regina Clay” which typically exhibit high settlement rates. One of the major advantages of the Reinforced Earth TerraClass® system is its ability to accommodate high-anticipated settlements without a significant impact on the structure’s overall stability and aesthetics.

One of the most challenging aspects of a project this size would be the construction & fabrication. The Regina By-pass project consisted of 21 bridges with 44 structures, a total wall area of 23,000m2. There was a total of 11,800 panels required to be fabricated and shipped to the project. A special and accelerated panel production plan took place in order to meet the stringent construction schedule.

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