Installation of precast retaining wall systems are simple and efficient. The units are aligned on levelling pads along the base and then are repeatedly stacked and backfilled with layers of compacted granular soil or alternative fill measures. As the units of the precast retaining wall systems are stacked, the length of the stems decreases when the wall height increases, therefore reducing the amount of excavation and backfill quantities required to install as compared to other gravity wall systems.

Suited to build in areas having restrictive excavation limits, engineers specify precast retaining wall systems for building grade separations for roadways and railways, and for earth retention along coastlines and waterways. Urban and residential developers also appreciate our precast modular retaining wall system for landscaping and commercial work sites.

Reinforced Earth Company Ltd. (RECo) and its subsidiaries have developed unrivaled expertise in the design of engineered solutions for earth retention and related applications. Precast retaining wall systems are an excellent option as proven through many projects built using our T-Wall™ precast modular retaining wall

Benefits of Precast Modular Retaining Walls

  • Economical replacement to conventional cast-in-place cantilever designs.
  • Less cast-in-place work compared to a conventional cantilever wall.
  • Ideal for narrow cut applications, or extreme utility obstruction scenarios.
  • Quality, speed of erection, and architectural versatility of precast concrete units.

Precast retaining walls