Reinforced Earth Canada leads the industry with expertise and experience in reinforced backfill applications and soil-structure interaction.

Introducing Cable Concrete® to RECo Line of Products

Reinforced Earth Company Ltd. (RECo Canada) and IECS Group Inc. proudly announce a strategic collaboration agreement aimed at promoting the widespread adoption of Cable Concrete® technology throughout Western Canada, spanning from Manitoba to British Columbia. By combining our resources, expertise, and capabilities, both companies are poised to [...]

Two Years ago We Launched Our New Website

Two years ago, we launched our new website, allowing fellow engineers to develop preliminary precast arch solutions for their mining and infrastructure projects. The website has been successfully used numerous times to assess project feasibility, with many clients obtaining the auto-generated arch profiles and estimated footing [...]

Come and Explore Booth 17 at the CSCE Annual Conference in Moncton, NB

Come and explore Booth #17 at the CSCE Annual Conference in Moncton, NB, where you can discover extensive information about the exceptional performance, durability, and advantages offered by our reinforced retaining walls, precast concrete arches, precast modular retaining walls, and a diverse range of other products. Pictured [...]

Our Research Paper about Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP)

Join us on Thursday, May 25th at the CSCE Annual Conference in Moncton, NB as we present our research paper titled "Comparing the Flexural Behavior of Precast Concrete Panels Reinforced with GFRP Bars and Steel Rebars." This paper explores the latest developments in the civil engineering field, [...]

60th Anniversary of Our Renowned Reinforced Earth Technology

This year we celebrate our 60th Anniversary since the invention of our renowned Reinforced Earth technology. Henri Vidal invented this technology after years of experimentation with different materials, including substances such as sand and pine needles. He later patented the refined technology in 1963. The Reinforced Earth [...]

March is National Engineering Month in Canada

March is National Engineering Month in Canada to celebrate engineers, their work, and their important role in society. Let’s take a moment to commemorate the professional engineers at Reinforced Earth Canada, who adds up to 45% of our total staff and contributes to the company’s great successes. [...]

Today is International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day. Let’s celebrate and recognize all the amazing women who play a role in the incredible civil engineering industry we have here in Canada! Towards the end of 2022 Terre Armée launched a Gender Equality Plan with the goal to increase the number [...]

Off to the Canadian Rockies

Off to the Canadian Rockies The Kicking Horse Canyon Phase 4 Project, in British Columbia involves realigning and widening 4.8 km of highway through the canyon. This last phase is the most technically challenging and difficult part of whole 4 phased project considering the location, along with [...]

Have you heard about TechSpan®?

Have you heard about TechSpan®? If not, let us introduce you to this technology that is widely used in infrastructure projects across Canada. Not only that, this technology has been accepted as standard practice by civil engineering authorities worldwide. TechSpan® is a state of the art, three [...]

T-WALL Becomes Part of the RECo Family of Products

We are excited to announce that T-WALL® is a new addition to our family of proven retaining wall solutions. T-Wall has been a major wall system in the highway and railroad construction industries for three decades. T-WALL® is a gravity retaining wall system, consisting of modular precast [...]

RECo Presenting Regina Bypass Paper at Geoedmonton 2018

The paper presented at the conference: Title: Challenges in the Design and Construction of MSE Walls on the Regina Bypass Project Presentation by: Matt MacIntosh and Tatiana Rrokaj Abstract: The Regina Bypass is the largest infrastructure project built in the City of Regina, Saskatchewan. The [...]

A Platform Dedicated to TechSpan® Concrete Arches

A platform dedicated to TechSpan® concrete arches: Visit to download our catalogue and create your customized TechSpan® project. Our TechSpan® technology results from decades of research and development. A buried precast concrete arch, it generally consists of semi arch units that meet at the crown, supported [...]

RECo Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary

Since 1970, Reinforced Earth Company Ltd. (RECo Canada) has served the Canadian construction industry, providing reliable engineered solutions for a wide variety of applications and challenges, such as MSE retaining walls and precast arches. We are proud to enter our 50th year and are grateful to our [...]

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