Our special precast products are great alternatives for certain cast-in-place (CIP) concrete elements of Reinforced Earth® and TechSpan® solutions to ensure efficient rapid installation while maintaining a pleasing aesthetic look.

Today more than ever, planners and builders prefer to specify precast concrete products rather than specifying cast-in-place solutions. Engineers and builders recognize the need to streamline the design process, accelerate construction timelines, simplify installation procedures, and reduce environmental impacts related to the constraints associated with installing cast-in-place concrete.

Our historical success in designing and supplying traditional precast core elements for a variety of retaining wall solutions, namely Reinforced Earth® and precast arch structures namely TechSpan® has led us to develop a vast range of supplementary precast concrete products for the most iconic infrastructure projects around Canada.

Precast Traffic Barriers

Precast traffic barriers are a safety solution for retaining walls with vehicular traffic on top. It allows a contractor to set precast barrier units along the top of the wall, greatly reducing the use of cast-in-place concrete. The barrier units are designed to rest atop the retaining wall and are delivered to the site with protruding dowels to tie into the cast-in-place moment slab.

Precast Coping Solutions

Precast coping is a solution for applying a uniform appearance along the top of a retaining wall, hiding the top edge of facing panels. It allows a contractor to set coping units along the top of the wall, greatly reducing the use of cast-in-place concrete. The coping units are designed to rest atop the retaining wall stabilized by their own weight. A moment slab or mechanical connection can be used for additional stability if needed.

Leveling Pads

Our precast leveling pads are 300mmx 150mm in dimension and go under Reinforced Earth® panels to level the panels. This is an easy and quick way to create a base for our panels and a great alternative for CIP base solutions. Better base preparation incorporated with a precast leveling pad ensures easier construction and an overall better product.


Our precast collars are custom-made for each TechSpan® project and these collars cover the outer edge of TechSpan® tunnels creating a uniform aesthetic look.

Customized Precast Concrete Products on Request

Based on the specific requirements we can provide customized precast concrete products to suit your needs. Some of our elements include extra tall copings, angled copings, sound absorption panels, architectural finish front-facing panels, architectural finish barriers, façade panels and more. Options to customize are unlimited.

Advantages of Special Precast Concrete Products

  • For rapid and efficient installation
  • To reduce or eliminate cast-in-place concrete
  • To eliminate the need for over-hang formwork
  • If cast-in-place concrete formwork along the top of a wall is not feasible
  • To hide the top edges of panels
  • If a complex aesthetic design is desired

At RECo we combine our engineering and manufacturing experience for continuous development. This enables us to offer an extensive portfolio of precast concrete products for requirements in value-engineering and design-build projects whenever precast or cast-in-place concrete structures are specified or are needed.

Our professional teams of engineers, designers, and operations managers invite you to challenge them in providing you with precast concrete element solutions for your projects.