We have researched and developed new innovative mechanically stabilised earth walls during the last few decades keeping Henri Vidal‘s pioneering legacy alive. One such invention is TerraLink®, an anchored MSE retaining wall system. 

Shored Retaining Wall or SRW is a method of designing a Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) retaining wall that uses an existing structure in behind like a retaining wall, rock face, stabilized slope, or other structure to reduce lateral earth pressure on the new wall. This method can be used when there is not enough distance available behind the proposed wall face to build an MSE retaining wall with a conventional or trapezoidal base width.

Shored mechanically stabilised earth walls are often used to widen roadways and bridge abutments, in situations where the existing structures still retain much of their original service life but must be improved to carry new loads or an increased traffic volume. Our Shored MSE walls like TerraLink® have proven to be an excellent solution for upgrading transportation infrastructure.

Benefits of Shored or TerraLink® Mechanically Stabilised Earth walls

  • Utilized for applications with base width restrictions.
  • Design considers lateral earth pressure reduction of existing, or modified slope or retaining wall.
  • Ideal for steep, mountainous, and rugged terrain applications.
  • Can be integrated with adjacent conventional MSE walls and other structures.

Sound Absorbing Panels are another special design product for mechanically stabilised earth walls aimed at mitigating the sound reflections off the front-facing panels to create a better environment for humans and wildlife. We believe the preservation of the acoustic environment is an essential component of the quality of life in urban areas and our sound absorbing panels are an efficient way to limit the propagation of noise next to the road or railway infrastructures.

Benefits of Sound Absorbing Panels

  • Effective acoustic performance
  • Durable precast units allow for a wide variety of surface textures
  • Easy modular construction