For more than 30 years, our specialized engineering teams have designed and provided precast culvert solutions for different types of markets and clients. Our TechSpan® solutions offer an efficient and economic means for constructing precast culverts. Our solutions deliver a very competitive alternative for the construction of hydraulic structures, cut and fill tunnels, and underpasses and are often used efficiently in combination with Reinforced Earth® retaining walls for head walls and wing walls.

RECo’s precast arch product, TechSpan®, exhibits this efficiency in design and construction of precast tunnels. Using reinforced precast concrete and a catalog of proven optimized shapes, RECo’s engineers’ design and manufacture the arch units based on the project’s loading and clearance requirements. With accompanying retaining walls, the result is the substantial load-carrying ability with minimal materials that provide efficient high-performance bridges, precast tunnels and other proven solutions for applications in roadways, railway, mining, military, and beyond.

TechSpan® precast concrete arches

TechSpan® is a three-hinged precast concrete arch system consisting of half arch units that meet at the crown, supported by precast or cast-in-place footings sized for site specific conditions. This is a proven solution that has been used for the construction of thousands of buried bridges around the world. Our precast concrete arches come in a wide variety of design options due to the large catalogue of shapes available.

Common Applications

Precast arches can be used in various contexts and sectors, and can be used as part of:

  • Short span bridges
  • Tunnels for roadway, railway, pedestrian, and mining site reclaim or access
  • Ammunition storage facilities
  • Above ground earth shelters

Precast Concrete Arches