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The Advantages of Lap Joints in RECo Wall Design

Precast concrete facing panels are the most common of facing elements used in MSE wall construction along highways. RECo’s concrete panels employ a lap joint on all horizontal and vertical joints, whereby panel-to-panel contact is avoided and flexibility of the facing is assured. This flexibility is maintained [...]

Embedment of MSE Walls

MSE walls are embedded below the finished ground line for a several reasons. The first but least significant reason is for appearance. Since MSE walls use standard panel sizes their base is comprised of a series of steps, which in combination with the leveling pad, produces a [...]

Should MSE Walls be Embedded Below the Frost Depth?

Many engineers unfamiliar with MSE walls make the assumption that these walls must be founded below the prevailing depth of frost. This is simply not necessary and results in an unnecessary expense when it is enforced as a project specification. The practice of not embedding MSE walls [...]

Embedment of MSE River Walls

Nowhere is the need for the embedment of an MSE wall more important than with walls that have their toes submerged in a river or other body of water. In these cases, it is standard to provide increased scour protection (from tidal, wave, ice and storm impacts) [...]

The Protect Business Line for Protecting Structures

PROTECT is a business line in Reinforced Earth Company Ltd. (RECo) for applications involving rockfall and avalanche protection, landslide protection, erosion protection, waves and floods protection, and industrial risks protection, with the ambition to address slope management, river and floodplain management, and shoreline management issues for our customers. Products [...]

The Cross Business Line for Crossing Structures

CROSS is a business line in Reinforced Earth Company Ltd. (RECo) for applications involving bridge abutments, arch bridges, cut and covers, tunnel extensions, and other crossing structures. Products in the CROSS business line include Reinforced Earth® and TechSpan®. RECo offers a variety of bridge abutment and bridge crossing solutions [...]

The Retain Business Line for Retaining Structures

RETAIN is a business line in Reinforced Earth Company Ltd. for applications involving retaining walls and reinforced fill slopes. Products in the RETAIN business line include Reinforced Earth®, TerraLink™, T-Wall®, and TechWall™. This group of products fulfills the need of the construction industry for various retaining applications, [...]

The Strengthen Business Line for Strengthening Structures

Strengthen for strengthening solutions At RECo we can provide comprehensive geosynthetic solutions for a wide range of basal reinforcement applications, whenever a requirement arises. Whether you need materials for piled embankments, embankments over soft foundations, void bridging, or soil stabilization, we have got [...]

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