A geosynthetic Reinforced Earth® system known as GeoMega® has been developed for use in aggressive environments such as seawater. The soil reinforcement is named GeoStrap® which consists of high tenacity polyester fibers encased in a polyethylene sheath. The high tenacity polyester is the load bearing element while the sheath protects the yarns from installation damage and degradation. The durability of the polyester strip has been increased by the polymerization process. GeoStrap® is recommended for use in soil environments characterized by 3<pH<9, with no detrimental effect on the strip due to low resistivity backfill, or from backfills with high chloride or sulfate content.

In very alkaline environments (pH up to 13), EcoStrap™ reinforcing strips can be used that are comprised of compact bundles of polyvinyl alcohol yarns protected by a polyethylene sheathing. EcoStrap™ reinforcements, similar to GeoStrap®, are non-sensitive to the presence of salts in the backfill and are particularly adapted to applications in which the filling material is potentially highly alkaline, as it is the case with lime- and cement-treated fills or fills made of recycled aggregates containing crushed concrete.

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