RETAIN is a business line in Reinforced Earth Company Ltd. for applications involving retaining walls and reinforced fill slopes. Products in the RETAIN business line include Reinforced Earth®, TerraLink™, T-Wall®, and TechWall™. This group of products fulfills the need of the construction industry for various retaining applications, covering a wide range of conditions in ‘fill’ or ‘cut’ sections.

Reinforced Earth® retaining walls are mechanically stabilized earth systems consisting of a composite construction material of great strength and stability formed by the association of granular soil and reinforcement. (Learn More)

TerraLink® allows for the construction of new Reinforced Earth® walls connected to existing retaining structures, or stabilized slopes through by way of anchors or nailing. (Learn More)

T-WALL® is a gravity retaining wall system consisting of modular precast concrete units and select backfill. The system is a simple proven solution for grade separation on highway, bridge, railroad, water, commercial applications, and more. (Learn More)

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