Caring for our planet through concrete actions

Climate change is directly impacting the lives of people around the world and disrupting natural environments. As a sustainable company, at Reinforced Earth Company Ltd. our objective is to combine our business practices with an environmental focus that will ensure prosperity and longevity for both our technology and the environment. To meet this goal, RECo has made the principle of sustainable development a primary focus for all aspects of our company’s products and services.

As a sustainable company, in our work with Owners, Engineers, Contractors, Manufactures, and Suppliers, RECo is taking proactive measures to ensure that our products are specified, designed, produced, and installed with environmentally and socially responsible goals. “Sustainable Technology” is our motto, and our ambition is to continue leading our area of specialization by example.

In line with the environmental ambitions of VINCI Group and Soletanche Freyssinet, RECo is actively working towards implementing concrete actions to reduce carbon emissions, optimize the use of resources and preserve natural environments.

Our three priorities

Taking action for climate

Taking action for climate

Reinforced Earth Company Ltd. is acting to limit the future consequences of climate change. Through ambitious targets, we are aiming to dramatically reduce our gross emissions and to work towards it throughout the whole value chain.

Optimizing resources through circular economy

Optimizing resources through circular economy

The use of natural resources to sustain economic development, including through construction has caused some of them to become scarce. Reinforced Earth works towards limiting the use of such resources. One of the key elements is the introduction of recycled materials through circular economy processes. This goes from challenging how we design and produce, to reducing the use of extracted virgin raw materials.

Preserving natural environments

Preserving natural environments

Protecting the natural environment is now becoming a central element of our engineered solutions and design philosophy. The projects that we develop may have a direct impact on natural environments when this dimension is not assessed properly and integrated into the reflection. Protecting these environments plays a major role in our project offerings. Throughout the project life cycle, Reinforced Earth strives to have as little impact as possible on natural environments and to develop solutions to preserve natural resources and restore ecological balance.

Our commitments

> Low carbon concrete

Our innovation team has worked towards integrating low carbon concrete to manufacture our precast elements, therefore allowing for a direct reduction of carbon emissions and a significant reduction of the carbon footprint of our solutions.

> Recycled materials

Reinforced Earth Company Ltd. offers a wide range of steel and geosynthetic reinforcements accommodating various types of backfills. More generally, our years of engineering experience have allowed us to develop a deep understanding of our structures’ long term behavior and accommodate many design options.

> Caring for the fauna, flora, and natural resources

For many years, our solutions have been used as part of applications aiming to protect animals, preserve and foster natural environments, and help protect and manage natural resources like water. Our wildlife crossings, green solutions, and water management solutions are perfect examples. 

> Infrastructure durability and sustainability

Our engineers pay special attention to durability, making our structures last for decades and allowing for long-term carbon footprint compensation. The inherent characteristics of our solutions make them resilient and resistant to the effect of time.

Our offer for environmental protection

Reinforced Earth Company Ltd. offers many engineered solutions that help protect the environment while reducing the carbon footprint of projects.

Through our engineering expertise and experience, we help protect populations and wildlife, natural environments and resources, and infrastructure from natural disasters and industrial risks.

> Protection against natural risks

> Preservation of water resources

> Protection for industrial risks

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