Reinforced Earth Company Ltd. (RECo) has partnered with Oil & Gas infrastructure developers since the early days to build MSE walls for oil and gas facilities, and it is familiar territory for our technical teams.

The strength, resilience, and flexibility of our MSE walls for oil and gas facilities, give our clients the confidence to meet their various demands like designing structures under extreme loading conditions, building on poor soils, and building in remote and environmentally sensitive locations.

Site development: foundations

Industrial development normally involves foundation preparations and stabilization. This work is carried out with our MSE walls for oil and gas facilities and we address sub-grade reinforcement, erosion control, drainage, and waterproofing.

Site development: structures

The industrial landscape often requires large amounts of excavation, clearing, and earth retention in support of future structures. These sites require temporary and permanent grade separations, retaining walls, roads, bridges, and platforms. We answer to these needs with Reinforced Earth® MSE walls, TerraTrel® wire faced retaining walls, and TechSpan® precast concrete arches.

Production and processing

Our experience extends to processing natural gas or crude oil, shale deposits or oilsands and our structures support:

  • Industrial haul roads
  • Tipping and crusher pocket dump walls
  • Settlering and frothing tanks
  • Live storage bunkers
  • Pipeline enclosures


Storage tanks and impoundment facilities are key infrastructures in oil and gas operations. In these structures, secondary containments are built to mitigate risks and damage because of tank failures. Our MSE walls for oil and gas facilities are built to create areas of confined space to impound spilled hazardous liquid for treatment, conveyance, and controlled disposal.

Our engineers are experts in designing containment solutions that are accepted worldwide. We use techniques and materials that are inherently designed to meet safety standards for rapid thermal shock and explosions. Reinforced Earth® walls are proven through full-scale cryogenic testing and live accident documentation to perform under extreme conditions. For instance, stable structural performance at temperatures of -160 degrees C° for liquid natural gas, and up to a flame temperature of 1100 degrees C° has been documented. Our walls are also designed to mitigate damage caused by explosions and bombardment. A series of tests spanning 40 years confirms the efficient performance of Reinforced Earth® structures subjected to high-level pressures.

Due to their high resilience and ductility, our MSE walls for oil and gas facilities are capable of withstanding natural forces such as earthquakes, hurricanes, rockfalls and avalanches.

Storage and conveyance

Our teams works with engineers to solve problems relating to storage tank settlement. As opposed to cast-in-place walls, our ring wall mitigates the effects of settlement. These walls can shift naturally with the tank bottom, which controls differential settlement between the center of the tank and the edge of the tank.

For pipeline protection, we provide a protective shelter using TechSpan® concrete arches, and these precast arches will protect pipelines from external assault, scour, and also mitigate damage in the event of leakage.


Highly stable

Highly stable

The composite Reinforced Earth® mass is a highly stable explosion barrier that impedes the propagation of a blast at ground level and absorbs high levels of energy due to its tolerance for deformation. Resistant to multiple fracturing, our panels minimize the dispersal of debris.

Non flammable

Non flammable

Reinforced Earth® with steel reinforcements is inherently non flammable and highly resistant to thermal variations, which makes it an ideal choice for the construction of structures for the oil and gas industry.



Reinforced Earth® are impermeable when combined with waterproofing. Often used for safety dykes around large tanks of volatile liquid petroleum products, the Reinforced Earth® dyke contains the escaping liquid should a tank rupture.