Our top priority: Ensuring Everyone’s Safety

We always strive to provide our employees with a working environment where safety, risk control and innovation are always foremost in their minds. Our collective and individual commitment is based on strict health and safety rules, but also on a strong safety culture to ensure health and safety in construction sites and office premises.

In terms of safety, RECo has one objective: to achieve zero major accidents for our employees and our service providers, whether in our offices, on our sites, in our plants, or on the road.

Safety is at the heart of our projects, from the call for tenders to the execution of the site, including the design of our technical processes. When we act as technical assistance on site, we strive to provide our customers with all the best operational methods to carry out the installation without any risky improvisation.

Thanks to our safety culture developed over the years, safety is integrated into all operations and in the daily behavior of RECo team.


Some of our actions for health and safety in construction sites and office premises

  • TRAINING AND AWARENESS – We encourage our employees to integrate safety at every stage of our projects and within our plants. We carefully raise awareness and train our workforce so that they are proactive in accident prevention and safety.
  • MANAGERIAL COMMITMENT AND LEADERSHIP – Managers at all levels are closely involved in safety. They set an example, ensure effective implementation of safety measures, notably by regularly visiting the worksite, and pay close attention to feedback from the teams in the field. 
  • REVIEW AND ANALYSIS OF ALL ACCIDENTS AND NEAR MISSES –  Our safety culture is nurtured by the systematic in depth review of all kinds of incidents, especially those with a high potential. Sharing the root causes and corrective action plan helps avoid recurrence and improve safety. A debriefing is systematically planned with the company’s senior management and shared among the group’s entities for learning.