At Reinforced Earth Company Ltd. (RECo) we offer passive rockfall protection engineered structural solutions that mitigate the levels of damage.

Passive rockfall protection

Our MSE walls for rockfall protection can withstand an impact of 5000 kJ (kilojoules)!

RECo’s MSE walls for rockfall protection are the result of decades of research and development that have led to the creation of an innovative and high-performance narrow rockfall protection barrier. We conducted full-scale testing for our MSE wall for rockfall protection in 2020 by releasing a giant 12.4-tonne block from a height of 41m and impacting the 3 meters thick structure resulting in an impact of 5.1 megajoules (video available below). Our narrow rockfall protection wall successfully absorbed the energy from the impact, pushing the limits of soil-structure interaction to a new level and establishing a world record for reinforced soil structures.

Sheds and galleries

We build avalanche protection sheds and galleries using our TechSpan® precast arches, which have proven to be efficient for avalanche protection applications. For adjoining retaining walls to be built within narrow excavation limits, we often design using T-Wall™ precast modular retaining walls because of the narrow footprint of this solution.

Rockfall protection barriers

Our passive rockfall protection barriers are made of MSE walls for rockfall protection that can be metallic, non-metallic and/or composite materials. The main purpose of these barriers is to catch rocks, boulders, shooting stones or other debris that can be flowing or falling due to natural causes and subsequently avoid damage to infrastructure and prevent disruptions such as traffic blockages. Our MSE walls for rockfall protection have an ability to withstand energy impacts typically up to 5000kJ.

RECo’s passive rockfall protection barriers can be used as an efficient alternative to more traditional and costly mitigation measures while offering many benefits:

  • Cost efficient compared to similar rigid barriers
  • Effective for confined and open channels
  • Easy to clean out and maintain
  • Does not affect sediment flow under non-event conditions
  • Low aesthetic impact on the landscape


Engineering expertise

Engineering expertise

Our engineering and design team has tremendous experience in dealing with rockfall protection project design and had to find solutions to very diverse challenges over the years. This global expertise and local experience combination make RECo a leader in this field.

Customized solutions

Customized solutions

Our commercial and engineering teams will work with you to help you find the best possible formula for your next project, answering your budget requirements, time constraints and quality expectations.

Cost savings

Cost savings

Our engineered solutions will help you save costs compared to traditional cast in place solutions or other solutions that may require expensive heavy machinery, especially in remote areas.