TerraTrel® is a lightweight MSE wall system structure using a durable steel wire mesh facing.

The compacted backfill behind the wire facing is layered with either High-Adherence (HA) steel reinforcing strips or ladders with a bolted connection to the wire mesh facing. These structurally connected elements are creating a wire mesh retaining wall structure capable of supporting heavy loading while being tolerant to settlement and deformation thus remaining operable for all the same purposes as concrete clad MSE walls. The system provides a cost-effective solution for wall applications where aesthetics is not a critical requirement, precast concrete facing is not necessary, or heavy lifting is not feasible. TerraTrel® is also ideal for temporary structures used in roadway widening and bridge phasing.

TerraTrel® wire-faced MSE wall system provides all the design advantages of traditional Reinforced Earth® MSE wall system at a reduced cost.

The advantages of TerraTrel® wire mesh retaining wall are evident in its use of lightweight materials that are easily installed without the use of a crane. These materials do not sacrifice strength, durability, or flexibility to achieve the advantages of Reinforced Earth®. Adjustable base panels accommodate wall construction on grade without the installation of costly footings.

Mining, material handling, and remote location applications can now take advantage of TerraTrel® wire-faced MSE wall system without the cost of precast concrete facing panels. The cost and time advantages are also recognized for staged construction where traffic must be maintained then shifted, or as a replacement to sheeting and shoring.

Applications for TerraTrel® wire-faced MSE wall

TerraTrel® wire mesh retaining wall is used to build both permanent and temporary retaining wall structures and this includes both sloping and vertical retaining walls for bridge abutments, Construction projects often require temporary retaining walls to complete the job in phases, and temporary MSE walls are an economical and fast solution for fill situations.  Similar to a conventional MSE wall, but with relaxed design requirements and a shorter service life, a temporary MSE wall with wire mesh facing can be left in place and buried or easily removed after use. Temporary MSE walls can also be incorporated into the permanent structures, allowing for extra efficiency in design of the overall project.

> Industrial environment

Common applications include building crusher pocket walls, industrial platforms, and tunnel collars walls.

> Natural risks mitigation

Terratrel® barriers are well known for constructing rockfall and avalanche protection. These are reliable structures that permit both high energy levels and multiple impacts to be controlled.

> Landscaping and terraces

Terratrel® offers owners and developers an attractive alternative to concrete methods to building permanent residential or urban retaining wall applications if required.

> Temporary structures

Construction projects often require temporary retaining walls to complete the job in phases, and temporary MSE walls are an economical and fast solution for fill situations.


Our soil reinforcements have been designed and tested to optimize the pull-out and tensile capacity for various types of backfill. The reinforcing strips used in  TerraTrel® MSE retaining wall systems are patterned with “ribs” to optimize bonding with the compacted backfill. Our welded wire bar mats are used for efficiency in low-height walls or lightweight backfill situations where tension is low and extra pull-out capacity is needed.

The corrosion protection for all components is achieved in the form of galvanization and is included when the structures are required to achieve a design life of 75 years, 100 years, or more. For temporary walls with short lifespans, using black steel is an option.

When building permanent structures, a column of crushed stone is placed between the wire mesh and geotextile to protect the geotextile from UV light, while also giving the wall a more appealing look. For temporary solutions, geotextile is placed on the back face of the wire mesh, to allow for drainage and to prevent loss of backfill.

Advantages of wire-faced MSE wall

  • Lightweight facing material, no heavy lifting needed
  • Delivery of materials is faster than when using precast concrete facing
  • Bolted connection of soil reinforcements is quick and easy
  • Ideal for temporary walls, and can be deconstructed easily if needed


Ease in handling

Ease in handling