Reinforced Earth Company Ltd. (RECo) is a global leader in mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls design and the original creator of the world renowned Reinforced Earth® solution.

The Reinforced Earth® technology is focused on soil stabilization, and we are able to utilize our mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls solutions to fulfill a wide range of structure concepts of our clients in an extensive array of infrastructure.

Reinforced Earth® MSE wall solution

We developed the Reinforced Earth® mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) retaining wall technology more than 60 years ago. This innovation revolutionized the way retaining walls are designed today around the world. We offer a high-performance and durable mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) wall solution that is rapid and easy to install. Reinforced Earth® consists of engineered backfill that is reinforced with a choice of engineered elements, normally galvanized steel or geosynthetics. These soil reinforcements are connected to concrete facing panels.

TerraTrel® wire faced Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) walls

This is a Reinforced Earth® structure where a wire facing is used instead of traditional front facing concrete precast panels. The placed and compacted backfill behind the wire facing is layered with either high-adherence (HA) steel strips or welded wire bar mat elements. These elements are structurally connected to the wire facing creating a structure capable of supporting heavy loading and tolerant to settlement and deformation while remaining operable for all the same purposes as concrete clad MSE walls.

GeoMega® MSE wall solution

GeoMega® is a Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) wall system whereby the soil reinforcing elements consist of high-strength extensible geosynthetic reinforcing strips (GeoStrap®) connected through a patented sleeve embedded in precast concrete facing panels. GeoMega® MSE walls are ideal for construction in seawater and other corrosively aggressive environments. 

T-Wall™ precast modular wall solution

T-Wall™, as its name suggests is a “T” shaped gravity-type retaining wall that is built by assembling modular precast concrete units combined with granular backfill. The perpendicular stems of these precast concrete units allow internal stability, providing pullout resistance against the lateral earth pressures applied on the back of the facing.

TerraLink® shored MSE wall solution

TerraLink® shored MSE allows for the construction of retaining walls in geometrically narrow sites. Installation is carried out in front of a stable, existing structure such as a stabilized slope or retaining wall. TerraLink® wall, therefore, involves connecting the shored MSE mass to the existing structure through a choice of soil reinforcements.

Sound Absorbing Panels

Sound absorbing panels are an add-on feature for our retaining wall systems to mitigate sound. These specially designed sound absorbing panels are used instead of the traditional concrete facing panels in our MSE systems depending on the clients’ requirements to ensure more absorption of sound to create a better environment for humans and wildlife.

Common Applications

Mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) retaining walls can be used in various market sectors, and can be used as part of:

  • Road and rail retaining structures such as access ramps, vertical retaining walls on the sides of roadways, or embankments
  • Bridge abutments and wing walls for crossing structures
  • Hydraulic structures such as dams, quays, docks and marinas
  • Industrial storage and containment structures
  • Landfills and reservoirs

Engineering Expertise

Our in-house retaining wall specialists treat each project as unique with particular challenges. We analyze all project specifications, beginning with your overall site conditions, underlying soil characteristics, space constraints, availability of select backfills, loading conditions, and service life requirements.

Our professional engineers optimize the final design of your wall based on the best geometrical and material practices. We will analyze internal and external stability to meet the required long-term service life duration of the structures and apply our professional engineer’s seal to each drawings and calculation for the provincial location.

Material Supply Network

Reinforced Earth Company Ltd.’s material supply chain consists of a renowned global network of both in-house and outsourced manufacturers and suppliers. We are diligent in providing our customers with current registrations and industry certifications of compliance for all aspects of our material supply processes.

Architectural Finish

We are capable of providing a wide array of architectural finishing options to customize your structure, therefore turning your wall into a work of art. Refer to samples in our architectural gallery.

Precast top-outs

Many special precast products are available, which can be combined with our retaining walls. We design and provide precast traffic barriers, copings, leveling pads, and more. Our engineers can utilize these structural elements to support handrails, guardrails, swales, and lighting supports.