A platform dedicated to TechSpan® concrete arches: Visit Precastarches.com to download our catalogue and create your customized TechSpan® project.

Our TechSpan® technology results from decades of research and development. A buried precast concrete arch, it generally consists of semi arch units that meet at the crown, supported by a footing sized for site-specific conditions. The backfill around the arch contributes to the resistance of the entire structure.

The system is designed to accommodate high fills, heavy live loads and altering loading conditions often associated with mining, industrial, road, and railway applications. TechSpan® is an ideal solution for tunnels, culverts, and underpasses for below-grade crossings. To help you discover this solution, we have created a platform dedicated to everything TechSpan®. See project references, discover our TechSpan® catalogue, and create your own TechSpan® design with a free CAD (.dwg) drawing.

Customizable, low impact, and easy to install, TechSpan® is a staple in our range of CROSS and PROTECT solutions.

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