In 2008, City Council approved an upgrading plan to improve traffic flow at the Crowchild Trail and Flanders Avenue S.W. interchange. Features of the 2008 approved plan included:

• Transit-only access on northbound Richard Road
• A single-lane roundabout at the east side of the interchange
• An additional ramp from southbound Crowchild Trail, to bypass Flanders Avenue
• Retaining the existing bridge and sidewalks.

The new $35-million design-build Interchange project will improve traffic flow, provide safer access for users, and will accommodate growth in the area. It will also improve the connections between neighbourhoods for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers, particularly across Crowchild Trail.

Reinforced Earth Company Ltd. was selected to supply approximately 4500m2 of RE Retaining walls. This total consisted of two abutments walls and three ramp walls with curved alignment and maximum height of 8m. Construction started in the fall of 2015, and was completed ahead of schedule to open in the fall of 2016.

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