At the junction of the famous Lac Memphremagog and Lac Magog, the city of Magog in the Eastern Township region of southeastern Quebec is rich in tourism with many attractions and activities available to vacationers throughout the year. In 2014, the city announced the need for a retaining wall located between a railway line by a river and several commercial complexes along Rue Principale Est. The municipality also required an attractive architectural finish to complement the aesthetics of the region given that the river is quite busy for summer activities.

Reinforced Earth Company Ltd. (RECo) designed and supplied a partially curved RSS wall approximately 6.0m tall consisting of a RE TerraClass facing with an ashlar stone architectural finish to add to the value of the scenery. The result was a successful project that maintained traffic through a major road in the city while blending seamlessly into the landscape.

Construction began in October 2014 with particular attention given to strict scheduling and timing requirements for component delivery and installation due to its proximity to active pedestrian and automotive traffic.

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